Our main objective is to guide you through an overwhelming mélange of tourist information, available on the Bulgaria tourist market. Foreign tourist companies, individual tourists confront too many website and can easily spend too much time, searching for useful information. There is little use of information technology to support tourists when they are touring. Last, but not least experiences gained during a trip are not easily shared and reminiscing is rarely supported. We are convince that nowadays “ good information leads to good business” and we are here to facilitate our users during the process of choosing the best vacancies options.

• One of our basic actvities are the legislative initiatives in the field of the national and international tourism legislation;
• Along with our partners we collaborate for the exchange of experience with national and foreign organizations and people, working in the field of tourism
• We support and stimulate the dissemination of the professional and statistic information for the tourism development.
• We develop and settle the hospitality, business and humanity values within the framework of the Bulgarian tourism, as well as disseminate new technologies and knowledge in the field of tourism;
• We elaborate and settle sustainable and supporting the environment practices in the field of tourism;
• We promote internationally the Bulgarin tourist destinations and establish positive international image of Bulgaria as a tourist country.
• We intend to develop and deepen our connections with the foreign partners by promoting the joint projects as well as participating even more actively in the functioning of the international conferences.



Bulgaria- Italia forum for tourism

Forum Turismo “Italia-Bulgaria: destinazione Sardegna” è l’appuntamento speciale che la Camera di Commercio Italiana in Bulgaria, il Centro Servizi per le Imprese, la Camera di Commercio di Oristano, la Camera di Commercio di Nuoro, in collaborazione con Bulgarian Tourist Chamber, dedica ai professionisti del comparto. L’incontro tratterà temi di stretta attualità per l’industria del turismo e permetterà di approfondire la conoscenza dell’offerta turistica della Sardegna e delle sue modalità di promozione internazionale, a cui verranno dedicate sessioni ad hoc di presentazione e, a seguire, di incontri bilaterali. ... read more