About us

The Health, Ecology and Tourism Consortium was founded in 2002 year.The HECOT Consortium is an association of 6 small structures situated in Sofia and Samokov. It has been created to support foreign Tourist agencies, tour operators, business organizations to promote their services and tourist packages in Bulgaria. We are founded as a non governmental organisation and are focused on the tourism development as a national phenomenon and national Bulgarian treasury to the contrast of the already approved in the public space in Bulgaria branch and regional approaches towards the problems in the field of tourism.

   Our team
   The HECOT Consortium is as an upgrade transition expert body of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association. It has implemented more than 10 projects with the assistance of international organization such as the European Union Commission (EU), die Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), the British Know-How Fund, the American Agency for International Development (USAID), the PHARE Programme, die Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (CDG), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and others.

   What we offer: TOURISM DEVELOPMENT:
• Marketing analyses
• SWOT-analyses
• Effectiveness evaluation
• Financial evaluation
• Entrepreneurial evaluation
• Concept elaboration
• Management consulting
• Personnel training
• Quality controlling
• Development planning
• Economic effects
• Ecological aspects/eco labelling
• Linkage-Studies (interdisciplinary observations)
• Marketing strategies/plans
• Marketing budget elaboration

• Informational-reservation system
• Tour DM for a database to support a tourist’s information search
• Delivery of relevant ., context-sensitive , tailored information to tourists wherever they are
• Application of our services on mobile devices
• Supporting a multifaceted u-commerce, where U stands for ubiquitous, universal, unique, and unison.
• Internet-discussion club
• Internet reference system
• Internet tourism directory
• E-almanac of the Bulgarian tourism
• E-payment
• Exchange of “demand supply in the field of tourism


Bulgaria- Italia forum for tourism

Forum Turismo “Italia-Bulgaria: destinazione Sardegna” è l’appuntamento speciale che la Camera di Commercio Italiana in Bulgaria, il Centro Servizi per le Imprese, la Camera di Commercio di Oristano, la Camera di Commercio di Nuoro, in collaborazione con Bulgarian Tourist Chamber, dedica ai professionisti del comparto. L’incontro tratterà temi di stretta attualità per l’industria del turismo e permetterà di approfondire la conoscenza dell’offerta turistica della Sardegna e delle sue modalità di promozione internazionale, a cui verranno dedicate sessioni ad hoc di presentazione e, a seguire, di incontri bilaterali. ... read more