The Association Health-ecology-tourism ", in cooperation with the foundation “Partners –Bulgaria”, worked to realize the program "Ethnic integration and resolution of conflicts” – /2003-2005/.

1. The project “Together towards changes through the sport” /2004-2005/ was financed by the United State Agency for International Development (USAID). The project was designed to develop sustainable structures for the multiethnic and multi stakeholders cooperation, as well as to support the economic initiative and development of the group’s skills. Thus, the aim was to create the necessary capacities, bringing out a positive change in the city.

2. Europass- New Hospitality
Project-:” New Hospitality Europass” /2006-2008/ represents the conclusive output of the project “Analysis and Development of a European System of Qualifications and Competences in the Hospitality Sector for Transparency and Recognition Without Borders - New (No–borders European Workers) Hospitality, financed by the European Commission as part of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, procedure B, 2006. The Europass Curriculum Vitae format can be downloaded, in any of the official languages of the European Union, from the Internet site

3. Read it easy
Read it easy 2005-2006- Socrates Lingua 1
Promotion of Language Learning
- Tourists
- Business people
- Adults - from young adults to elderly people

4. A partner in the project “Planning of the local Economic Development of Samokov Municipality”. The project was realized by the Foundation” Institute for Market Economics” and the National Employment Agency /2006-2007/. The main goal of the project is to was to analyze the main trends in the economic development of Samokov Municipality and toutline the problems and perspectives for development and growth. Therefore, it was concentrated on the creation of opportunities for the achievement of the following objectives:
- Attracting investments
- Creating new job opportunities
- Boosting the local economy
The natural conditions in Samokov Municipality favour the development of tourism, making it one of the few sites in Bulgaria that has the potential to develop internationally important winter tourism.
Borovets is the biggest international mountain resort in Bulgaria, located on the northern slopes of the Rila mountain only 10 km away from the town of Samokov and 73 km away from Sofia. It has developed into a modern top-class ski resort, offering a wide range of opportunities for winter sports: alpine sports, cross-country skiing, ski jumps and biathlon, snowboarding. The prestigious Borovets ski school enjoys worldwide renown. Other recreation facilities include toboggan, swimming pools, table tennis, bowling alleys, saunas, massaged and fitness centres. Horse riding ann ski gliding are also available. Trips to the Rila Monastery and Sofia , Malyovitsa peak, Mussala peak, the seven Rila lakes, photo safaris and visits to Bistriza, the former residence of the Bulgarian Kings, complete the excursion part of the tourist packages.

5. A Partner in the Project “Prevention of emotional and behavioural difficutlties in kids” , realized by the Foundation “ Partners- Samokov” /2007-2010/

6. A Partner in the Project – Prevention campaign- development of a Strategy for the creation of job opportunities for the rome community in the city of Samokov- financed by the “Bulgarian Center for not-for-profit LAW”

7. A Partner in the Project “ Positive approaches for the prevention of the kids violence.”, in cooperation with the Foundation “Partners- Bulgaria” / 2011-2013/

8. Project 'Restoration of Zahari Zograf's murals in the Virgin Monastery "The Shroud of Holy Mother of God" Samokov. Implemented with the help of the Donation Campaign 'Select to help "Raiffeisen Bank in the" Culture " /2015-2016/.

9. Project "Delivery and installation of a system for inspection of an individual avalanche transmitter in Borovets resort at the upper station of the Gondola lift Yastrebets. Funded by Raiffeisen Bank's "Choose to help "Donation campaign in the Environment section /2016-2017/.


Bulgaria- Italia forum for tourism

Forum Turismo “Italia-Bulgaria: destinazione Sardegna” è l’appuntamento speciale che la Camera di Commercio Italiana in Bulgaria, il Centro Servizi per le Imprese, la Camera di Commercio di Oristano, la Camera di Commercio di Nuoro, in collaborazione con Bulgarian Tourist Chamber, dedica ai professionisti del comparto. L’incontro tratterà temi di stretta attualità per l’industria del turismo e permetterà di approfondire la conoscenza dell’offerta turistica della Sardegna e delle sue modalità di promozione internazionale, a cui verranno dedicate sessioni ad hoc di presentazione e, a seguire, di incontri bilaterali. ... read more